ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion for the Apple Watch Series 4/5

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ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion Extreme Hybrid Glass Screen Protection for the Apple Watch Series 4/5

This hybrid glass break-through combines military-strength materials with the aesthetic properties of glass to form virtually unbreakable screen protection with a smooth finish and 100% clarity.


Engineered to Be Unbreakable

GlassFusion combines military-strength materials with the smooth, aesthetic properties of glass to form a hybrid glass that does what traditional glass screen protection can’t: it absorbs and disperses impact to prevent cracks and shattered screens.


Flexible Protection

The brittle quality of glass makes it inherently vulnerable. But the flexible quality of GlassFusion’s unique hybrid glass allows it to absorb impact and disperse shock before it reaches your screen.


Strength and Style

Using components originally designed to protect military helicopter blades, we’ve created a powerful hybrid glass with the smooth feel of your original screen. GlassFusion’s beveled edges blend into the edges of your display for a seamless look.


Precision Touch Sensitivity

GlassFusion adheres fully to your screen and preserves its touch sensitivity so your device responds to every tap and swipe.


Chip, Crack and Scratch Protection

GlassFusion won’t chip which prevents cracks from starting and spreading, and its tough components protect your screen from scuffs and scratches.


Smudge Resistant

GlassFusion’s smooth, unique surface finish prevents oils from building up on your screen, so smudges and fingerprints wipe away easily.


Fast, Accurate, and Bubble-Free

We believe installation should be as simple and accurate as possible, so we are constantly refining our processes with innovations like our EZ Apply® technology and advanced adhesives.

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