World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

Did You Know?
Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today, causing over 70 million working days to be lost each year.

This includes everything from the most commonly experienced symptoms of stress and anxiety, right through to more complex mental health conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

- Taken from Mental Health Foundation


Here are some iPhone apps we found that helps you manage your emotional health.

Happify: for Stress & Anxiety

Happify app

How you feel matters. Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or you're dealing with constant negative thoughts, Happify brings you effective tools and programs to take control of your emotional wellbeing.

What we like about this app:

For those who feel happier by reading about happy and inspiring things, they have a section called Happify Daily. Read more about strangers’ acts of kindness, of finding hope in a seemingly hopeless place and more.


Self-help for Anxiety Management

Only available on iOS devices.

Self-help for Anxiety Management app

SAM is a friendly app that offers a range of self-help methods for people who are serious about learning to manage their anxiety.

The content of SAM is presented in various media formats in order to support users in learning about anxiety and practicing self-help. Although not text-heavy, users will need to study the guidance to get the best out of SAM. Users are encouraged to build their own Anxiety Toolkit of SAM resources that they find helpful and to draw on this for regular practice in managing situations that are associated with anxiety.

What we like about this app:

There are many great things about this app but the part that we like the most if the Help for anxiety NOW (screenshot below). Everyone has their own mantra of what calms them down and this is just one of them. We also like the section for “Things that make me anxious” so that you have a note of what makes you anxious and what helped you calm down.



Only available on iOS devices.

MindShift will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety. This app includes strategies to deal with everyday anxiety, as well as specific tools to tackle issues such as Sleep, Riding Out Intense Emotions, Perfectionism, Social Anxiety, Worry, Panic and Conflict.

What we like about this app:

Mindshift has a great list of steps you can follow to get that push on to a positive mindset. It even comes with a favourite function so you can star the steps that works for you individually and revisit that step every time you’re feeling down.