Shiftcam 5-in-1 MultiLens iPhone Case - Black

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A multi-lens system worthy of your iPhone.

Shiftcam 5-in-1 MultiLens iPhone Case is a compact, integrated multi-lens iPhone case, now available for the iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max, that switches lenses in fractions of a second — adding unparalleled versatility and quality to your iPhone 11 Pro cameras.

Capture the perfect photos and angles instantly with different focal lengths, filters and focus distances all available in a single, simple shift on ShiftCam’s integrated all-in-one sliding lens case.


Every lens instantly ready

Access all your lenses with a simple push of a finger. ShiftCam adds 5 high-quality, crystal-clear lenses for the iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Circular Polarizer Lens
  • 20x Macro
  • 10x Macro
  • 4x Telephoto
  • 180° Fisheye

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