RoamWifi R9 Global 4G Wireless Router

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RoamWiFi R9 Global 4G Wireless Route is a portable SIM-free Wi-Fi hotspot device which provides stable, easy to use and secure portable internet access around of the world.

Service covers about 100 countries.

Roamwifi service covers about 100 countries worldwide including the most exciting travelling destinations.

Free Roaming

Cloud SIM, smart switch between mobile networks in about 100 countries. No entangling subscriptions, no juggling multiple SIM cards, no tedious settings and no unlocking of phones to region.

We are all connected

Roamwifi supports up to 5 devices simultaneously. This allows for all your Wi-Fi enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops accessing the Internet at the same time.

Affordable Price

Don’t be scared to use data next time when you travek abroad. Stay connected at one low, flat, daily rate. No more data roaming charges.

Safe personal Wi-Fi

Did you know that there is a lot of security risk when you connect to free Wi-Fi? Due to the lack of VPN and security, anyone can track everything you do when you are connected to the Wi-Fi connection. That includes finding out your card details if you make a payment online while being connected to the unsecure connection! With RoamWifi, stay safe and use the private network service to ensure online protection when accessing the Internet.

Simple and Manageable RoamWifi App

Via RoamWifi App, you can top up and purchase data when you need as well as check your balance and bill in detail.

Download RoamWifi App on App Store

SIM card slot for more flexibility

With the SIM card slot, you can choose to insert your local SIM card to receive 3G/4G network signals and used as a traditional Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Max download speed: 4G
  • Max upload speed: FDD-LTE 50M
  • Easy to use: Just turn on and connect to your phone via wifi
  • 12 hours battery life, 5000mAh
  • No SIM card required

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