intelliARMOR AirMount Magnetic Mount - Space Grey

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intelliARMOR AirMount Magnetic Mount is a hassle-free car mount for your phone. Easy to setup and takedown, the magnetic mount doesn't rely on a sticky pad or unreliable suction to your car. The magnetic mount goes into your air vent and uses strong magents to keep your device sercure to the mount. Either stick the device magnet directly to your phone or slide it in between your phone and its case. Then you're ready for hands-free use!


Product Features

Mount Attaches to Air Vents
Sticking a mount to your dashboard or suctioning it to your windshield isn't foolproof. That's why we chose to have the AirMount easily hook into your car's air vent.

Stick the Device Magent to Your Phone or In Its Case
The magnet that you use for your device can be applied in two ways. If you don't have a case, you can use the sticky adhesive side of the magent to apply it directly to your phone. If you have a case, just slide the slim magnet in between the back of your phone and inside of your case.

Powerful Magnets Keep Your Device Secure to the Mount
The AirMount includes two powerful magnets to ensure a secure mount. Both the mount and device side magent are made to hold the weight of even a plus size device.

Easily Ready Your Device for Hands Free Use
With such as simple setup, you'll be ready for hands-free use in no time. Place the AirMount in your vent for easy access to your phone while driving.

Hassle Free Mounting
Placing the AirMount in your car couldn't be simpler. Easily place the mount in your air vent without the fuss of sticky or suction bases.

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