Ambi Climate 2

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Personalized Comfort Made Easy with AI

Learns from your feedback to auto-adjust your air conditioner, maximizing how you feel. Uses Machine Learning and a suite of smart sensors to reinvent how you feel at all times and seasons. Effectively minimizes overcooling and overheating, saving you up to 30% on energy.


Taking Everything Into Account

Do you know what affects your comfort? We do. Ambi Climate’s sensors and live data will help create a personalized Comfort Profile, to optimally adjust your environment based on you. Simply interact with the in-app feedback interface to indicate your comfort level; Ambi’s AI will learn from you to continuously auto-adjust your AC and cater to your needs.


Discover a Whole New Level of Smart

Say goodbye to constant AC adjustments. See how Ambi Climate uses machine learning to maintain your comfort.


AI Engine and Multiple Sensors

Intelligently learns from your feedback and analyzes online data to deliver comfort you didn’t know existed.


Access Anywhere

Control & monitor on-the-go, wherever you are.

Smart Home Integrations

IFTTT and Alexa enabled, plus an open API for you to enjoy.

Smart Scheduling

Unlimited timers and rules to plan out your day and create the perfect automation.

Comfort Model

A personalized Comfort Profile that knows what you need and fits your every move.

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