Casetify Black Floral Amour Glitter iPhone Case

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Designed by mandalamaze.

The iPhone Cases

Time to shake things up! Made with non-toxic materials and passed all safety tests, you can count on Casetify’s glitter iPhone case to be real cute and real protective.

Warning: If glitter case cracks or leaks fluid, remove glitter case and discontinue use immediately. Contact with liquids may damage smartphones. Prolonged exposure to fluid may cause allergic dermatitis in some individuals. Use at your own risk. Not intended for use by children 14 years of age or younger.



Meet Casetify’s liquid glitter iPhone case.

Don't you worry. All of Casetify’s liquid glitter iPhone cases are certified for Quality + Safety. We create them using 100% non-toxic mineral oil and materials, then made sure they passed professional inspections and all safety tests before sending them your way.



Real cute and real protective. Casetify’s glitter iPhone cases are crafted with a dual-layer construction so that they are accident proof. The iPhone case bumper is made of shockproof and soft-touch Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), so you can stay worry-free when it comes to dropping your phone.



Casetify’s liquid glitter iPhone case is engineered to be highly reflective, so you can be sure you'll stand out from any crowd. The glitter iPhone case features sparkly elements in silver, gold chrome, rose pink, unicorn pastels and glow in the dark colorways. Casetify Black Floral Amour Glitter Case for iPhone features the monochrome silver glitter. A transparent, hard shell exterior on the glitter iPhone case provides extra protection and Casetify also designed the glitter iPhone cases with a touch of high gloss, scratch-resistant finish. So chic.



Wireless charging is not something of the future, it's everywhere, so your experience should be hassle-free. Casetify’s iPhone cases are built to withstand Qi, supporting the new standard of wireless charging. Charge away without having to remove your glitter iPhone cases, so you never have to compromise style for functionality.

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