ZAGG Universal Keyboard Tri Folding with Touchpad, Charcoal

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Product Description


Full-size Bluetooth travel keyboard folds into a convenient size for bringing along wherever you go. Features four rows of standard-sized keys, with a standard layout.
High-capacity Lithium-ion battery charges quickly from a standard USB port for weeks of normal use.
Plug the keyboard in a USB port and use it like a USB keyboard. Compatibility modes for Android, iOS, and Windows include function keys for volume, search, home, playback and other functions and other essentials. Connect your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple Bluetooth device.
Durable anodized aluminium shell and stainless-steel hinges ensure long life. Large, well-spaced keys faciltate accurate typing with a crisp scissors mechanism as used on most quality keyboards.
Lasting: its powerful lithium polymer battery lasts up to two years of regular use between charges

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