Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20k Powerbank

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The Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20k is the most advanced power bank Cygnett has ever developed, featuring Power Delivery (PD) technology. With a 63W total output, and a 45W USB-C port, the ChargeUp Pro can now support charging the latest USB-C laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming devices. Including Qualcomm (QC 3.0) technology allowing up to 75% faster charging than a standard 5W USB output. The 20,000mAh capacity gives you the ability to charge your smartphone up to 10 times, a tablet 2 times, or a laptop up to one full charge.

The Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20K USB-C Portable Power Bank, available in Black at iStudio, provides power at your fingertips for when you need it the most.


What is Power Delivery?

The Power Delivery (PD) chip can detect what device is connected, and provides the optimal amount of power so your device charges quickly and safely. This allows the USB-C output to reach 45W, which is 3 times the power of a standard USB-C port (15W)


Multiple features for all your digital needs

Strong and sleek, the ChargeUp Pro 20K portable charger is ultra-convenient making it the perfect addition to every backpack, briefcase or suitcase. With the added convenience of a 4 LED display and 3 USB ports - 1x USB-C, and 2 x USB-A allowing you to charge three items simultaneously. The ChargeUp Pro 20K also features safety surge protection for added safety peace of mind.


Power Delivery

Charges USB-C Laptops thanks to Power Delivery technology, offering a higher output from USB-C


Up to 10x Smartphone Charges

Enough power to charge a smartphone up to 10 times and a tablet 2 times before needing to be recharged


Up to 1x USB-C Laptop Charges

Enough power to charge a compatible USB-C Laptop up to one full charge before needing to be recharged


Technical Specifications

Battery Capacity: 20,000mAh /74Wh Lithium Polymer Battery

Dimensions: 171mm (W) x 102mm (H) x 15mm (D), 450 grams

Compatible Accessories:

USB-C to USB-C Cables
USB-C to USB-A Cables
USB-A to Micro-USB Cables
USB-A to Lighting Cables
USB-C to Lighting cables

Items Included: USB-C to USB-A Cable



USB-C Input (PD): 5V-3A (15W), 14.5V-2A (29W), 20V-1.5A (30W)

USB-C Output (PD):
5V-3A (15W), 9V-3A (27W), 12V-3A (36W),
14.5V-3A (43.5W), 20V-2.25A (45W)

USB-A Output 1 (QC 3.0): 5V-3A (15W), 9V-2A (18W), 12V-1.5A (18W)

USB-A Output 2: 5V-2.1A (10.5W)

Total Output: 63W


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