Belkin Apple Pencil Genuine Leather Carrying Case, Black

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  • The Case for Apple Pencil is the ultimate carrying case for your Apple Pencil and accessories. The sleek minimalist inspired case safely stores your Apple Pencil in a protective sleeve and keeps its accessories secure in customized compartments within a zippered pocket. Thorough consideration went into the design ensuring your Apple Pencil is fully protected inside the case. The compact, lightweight case is the perfect, safe place to store your Apple Pencil and accessories.


  • Designed with portability in mind. The Apple Pencil case is compact, thin, and lightweight making it easy to carry. Made with a durable, soft-touch Microfiber, the case is also designed to protect. A designated Apple Pencil sleeve made with tough, resistant neoprene offers easy access and cushioning for added protection. Whether at home or on the go, the stylish Apple Pencil case keeps your Apple Pencil and accessories safe and secure.


  • The all-in-one carrying case protects your Apple Pencil and accessories; keeping them organized in custom designed compartments. A zippered pocket allows easy access to the Lightning charge cable while keeping the cap, Lightning charge adaptor, and extra tip secure. A protective neoprene pocket stores and protects your Apple Pencil. The magnetized closure keeps your Apple Pencil safe and those easy-to-lose accessories secure. The design matches the look and feel of the Apple ecosystem. It is the perfect solution for storing your Apple Pencil and accessories.

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